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Needle your way to better health with a variety of vitamin and homeopathic injections

Don't have time for acupuncture?  This is a great option to hold you over til you can! 

Appointments are available in our Seattle location and are quick (5-10 min) and relatively painless!

B12 Booster $25

Ingredients: B12

An essential vitamin that helps your body use carbs and lipids as energy, as well as building proteins. These shots work quicker and better than the absorption rate of supplements!

Flare Ease $25

Ingredients: Lidocaine

Experiencing a sudden flare-up and need immediate relief? Lidocaine or Procaine is a short-acting yet immediately relieving local anesthetic that produces pain free results and aids in reducing inflammation. Joint and muscle injuries are also good candidates for this therapy. Relieve pain with Procaine!

Rejuvenate $45

Ingredients: B12, methionine (M), inositol (I), and choline (C)

This shot will give some life juice back to you!  It has antioxidants, helps you detox, soothe your nerves, lowers cholesterol and BP, reduce sugar cravings, and maintain a healthy cycle for women.  It can also help with memory, mood regulation, burning fat, and muscle control. 

Body Bliss $50

Ingredients: Traumeel by Heel

This is an effective alternative to steroid injections and will help reduce pain and inflammation.  There are no known adverse side effects. It gives immediate pain relief and helps with long term tissue healing.

Joint Jazz $45

Ingredients: Zeel by Heel

This will reduce inflammation, pain, and inhibits wear to cartilage.  It also helps with osteoarthritis!

Shu Flu $50

Ingredients: Grip-Heel and Engystol by Heel

This can both prevent and provide relief from the common cold and flu. It will increase your antibody response and white blood cells! Feel better with the typical stuff like body ache, chills, fever, and sore throat.

Serenity Now $45

Ingredients: Ignatia Homaccord by Heel

Help your body cope and recover from the stress of daily life in our fast-paced culture! Think less stress, mild depression/anxiety, insomnia, and irritability. Not meant to sedate but help you be able to handle your specific life load.