Acupuncture located in Bellevue and Seattle, WA and Honolulu, HI

Our Values

1. Respect

Create a safe container for both teammates and patients. Approaching people in a loving and compassionate way with non violent communication. Listening with an open heart, and being mindful of others’ needs and boundaries. Show patience and unconditional positive regard. Approach one another non judgmentally without jumping to conclusions. Allowing space for brave, open, and vulnerable communication during difficult situations.

2. Accountability & Being Present 

Coming in every day on time and performing to standard. Approaching each work shift with a positive attitude and an ability to leave personal situations at home.


3. Integrity

Following through with what you say you’re going to do. In order to build trust, your actions and words are consistent.


Team Player

Making sure you’re completing tasks and being willing to help your teammates. Clarifying expectations and that everyone is on the same page. Showing up to meetings and appointments prepared. Staying supportive and behaving in a manner that helps us meet our collective goals. This also includes knowing when and where to ask for help and what you need.

5. Autonomy & Self-Cultivation 

We all bring our own areas of expertise to the field. Staying in a place of curiosity and learning with your fellow teammates and clients can help foster growth. Staying in a growth mindset with educational opportunities and new systems for both the team and clients. When you make a mistake - you own it. Staying open to feedback. If you are feeling triggered, request a meeting to talk to that team member directly. Higher level team members are happy to help facilitate.

6. Gratitude

Remaining optimistic, thankful and positive even in the face of difficult situations. Showing appreciation for clients and teammates for their willingness to grow together.