Car Accident Recovery

Car Accident Recovery services offered in Bellevue and Seattle, WA and Honolulu, HI

Car Accident Recovery

You may walk away from a car accident feeling fine, but you could still have injuries with delayed symptoms. No matter the severity of your injury or symptoms, you should connect with the caring Zen Attitude Acupuncture team immediately (or as soon as possible following a severe injury) and begin therapy that supports your car accident recovery. Early treatment prevents minor injuries from worsening and speeds up your recovery. Call the Zen Attitude Acupuncture office in Bellevue or Seattle, Washington or Honolulu, Hawaii, today or book online to begin healing.

Car Accident Recovery Q & A

When should car accident recovery begin?

You should schedule an evaluation immediately after a car accident. There’s no doubt you need prompt care if you’re in pain, suffer an injury, or have symptoms like bruising or swelling. But you should seek an evaluation even if you don’t have symptoms because you could have an injury with delayed symptoms. 

Why should I begin car accident recovery if I don’t have symptoms? 

An evaluation determines if you have an injury, while early treatment reduces inflammation and helps stop a minor injury from worsening. 

Several of the most common car accident injuries may have delayed symptoms, including: 


A whiplash injury occurs when an impact forces your head into a rapid back-and-forth motion, pulling the ligaments, muscles, and vertebral joints. You can also suffer whiplash during a side-impact collision.

The classic whiplash symptoms of neck pain, headaches, and dizziness may not appear for hours or days and, in rare cases, weeks. 


You may develop a concussion if your head has a direct impact during the accident. However, whiplash injuries can also cause concussions. Concussion symptoms (headaches, dizziness, confusion, and memory loss) may not appear for days, or they could be so subtle you don’t notice them right away. 

Back pain

Being tossed around during the accident (if you didn’t wear your seat belt) or the pressure of the seat belt as the impact forces your body to move may damage the lower spine or pull the muscles supporting the spine.

You may not initially feel back pain because your body releases adrenaline and endorphins. These natural chemicals delay symptoms by temporarily dulling the pain. 

Knee injuries

You may bang your knees into the dashboard or the seat during a car accident. Your symptoms may not be obvious at first, depending on the severity of the injury. Watch for inflammation, bruising, tenderness, and difficulty bearing weight. 

What should I expect during car accident recovery?

Integrative care from the skilled Zen Attitude Acupuncture team promotes your body’s natural healing. They support your path to recovery, whether you’re rehabilitating from severe injuries or struggling with pain, muscle stiffness, and headaches after a minor accident.

After evaluating your injuries, they create a treatment plan that may include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Naturopathic treatments
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Vitamin injections
  • Homeopathic injections
  • Craniosacral therapy

Don’t wait to begin your car accident recovery. Call the nearest Zen Attitude Acupuncture office or use online booking today.